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Exclusive: Founder, Masha Titova, talks about TITOV, NYFW SS23, feeling "sexy" & more!

“TITOV exists to make you feel sexy”, says the founder, Masha Titova, as she describes the innovation behind her brand. Since its launch in 2019, TITOV has been featured by NBC, ELLE, and consistently placed on the NYFW/CFDA calendar. Titova has collaborated with designers such as Rebecca Minkoff and executed private pop up events in Italy during Milan fashion week.

Titova, who recently presented a digital release during New York Fashion Week, continues to make the necessary strides to become a leader in fashion. The brand's uncompromising mission is to be inclusive, be sexy, but most importantly, be comfortable. Who can argue with that?

The New Standard NY sat down for an exclusive interview with Masha Titova who shared her inspiration, her New York Fashion Week experience, what we can expect from TITOV in coming seasons, and more.

Maxine Cesar: Tell me how you got started with TITOV?

Masha Titova: I had worked for many years in the fashion industry before deciding on launching TITOV. When working in Los Angeles, I would be going from factory to factory in 113 degree weather and would be suffocating in a push up bra. When I looked for alternatives, the options were either sports bras or soft bras marketed towards young girls. I started to work on developing comfortable undergarments that you could wear everyday, but have them still be sexy for a night out after work. It was truly a side project that would bring my creativity to life and would later turn into a full company.

MC: I understand that you were a production manager at Yeezy before starting TITOV. How did your experience there impact your journey? Titova: That experience was incredibly important to me, as were the many other places I worked at like BCBGMaxAzria and Marc Jacobs. In every experience I gained priceless knowledge of how companies are run and was able to meet the most incredible and supportive people. To this day, I still think back to past hurdles whenever I need help working through any work issues.

MC: You mention that “TITOV exist to make you feel sexy”. What does that mean for you and how has TITOV challenged cultural standards that puts limitations on what it means to feel sexy? Titova: I think the word “sexy” has been a bit frowned upon these past few years in our culture and I would love to bring the word “sexy” back into a positive light. I think sexy encompasses everything from feeling happy, confident, and just that feeling where you walk a little bit taller and with purpose. To me, it's a feeling and it's a feeling that makes you feel great.

MC: What was the inspiration behind your latest collection? Titova: This SS23 was inspired by historical New York architecture. Sharp silhouettes contrast the encompassing curvature of the human form while incorporating TITOV’s signature neon green throughout.

MC: What kind of impact do you want to have on the fashion industry? Titova: We’d love to be known as the brand that accommodates the largest size range in lingerie. We currently already carry 3 times more sizes and are developing more. We believe everyone should be able to find their size.

MC: Where do you see your brand in the next 10 years? Titova: I see TITOV expanding into party wear and owning our own storefront in NYC. We want to create a brand that is truly one where we can bring you from the bed to the bar and we can't wait to create a permanent location where we can bring people together.

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